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   Welcome to the Teigen farm in Lom


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Would you like to spend the night at a traditional Norwegian farm or mountain farm in Lom? The Teigen farm is located 3 km west of the centre of Lom along national highway #55 on the way to Sognefjellet mountain. Traditional sheep farming is practiced on the farm. There are two rental units at the main farm. We can also offer overnight accommodation at picturesque Brekkøye, 9 km from the centre of Lom, and at our mountain farm at Hovde in Bøverdalen. More details available about Teigen farm.


Picturesque Brekkøye is located 9 km from the centre of Lom along national highway #55 on the other side of the river.
More details available about Brekkøye.


Mountain farm at Hovde
We also rent out a traditional mountain farm building at Hovde in Bøverdalen (simple standard). Find out more about the mountain farm.

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Teigen gard, Lom.    Kari og Bjørn  tlf.: +47 61211488  mobil: 90100072   email:

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