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   Lom - in the mountains


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Mountains and valley on all sides

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From Bøverdalen with excellent rambling possibilities locally.lomsognefjell.jpg (10530 bytes)
Short distance to the top of Sognefjellet mountain.

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Galdhøpiggen and the summer ski centre are only about a one-hour drive from the Teigen farm.

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Teigen farm is located 3 km from the centre of Lom along national highway #55 (Sognefjellsvegen). Traditional sheep farming. Two units are available for rent at the farm. Teigen is an excellent starting point for activities in and around the centre of Lom, as well as for trips to Galdhøpiggen or car trips to Sognefjellet and Sognefjorden.

Lom sentrum
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Lom Stave church in the centre of Lom.
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Teeming with street life.

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Teigen farm, Lom.   Kari og Bjørn  tlf.: +47 61211488  mobil: 90100072   email:

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